Basic Electrical Engineering-Recommended Books

There is nothing as great as self-study. Self-study is way of learning which needs you to think. When you think, you get many questions in your mind. Many of them remains unanswered for some days to you. But if you try, you definitely get answers to every questions which came up in your mind. I can only guide you on some specific way but it only you who is going to learn and think.

The most important thing for self-study is to have good reference books for every subjects. Many of us, tries to study so many books of different authors but I will suggest you to make one reference book for every subject. It is always better to study 1 book 10 times instead of studying 10 books single time. I am here suggesting some of my favorite books on different subjects of Electrical Engineering for you. If you have any suggestion of good reference book then please share.

Basic Electrical Engineering

Basic concepts of Electrical are dealt in a lucid manner. A lot of solved example with lot of multiple question answers and numerical are also provided at the end of each chapter to help the reader to grasp the concepts thoroughly.

Some of the other recommended books are:

I won’t suggest too many books but the above three books are really awesome. I just love and strongly recommend these books.

Recommended Books:

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