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Power System consists of three broad divisions viz. Generation, Transmission and Distribution. Mostly in competitive examinations questions are asked from Generation and Transmission part of power system though Distribution cannot be left untouched. Power System Protection is the heart and soul of power system and if you are an electrical engineering student then you must know the basic concept behind some important protection schemes.

I am here suggesting some of the good reference books on Power System. I will say, you must have Power System by C.L Wadhwa.

This book is fantastic. Personally I love this book in my college time and till now. The most important feature of this book is MCQ type questions at the end of the book. Above all, those MCQs are given chapter wise. Around 1000+ MCQs are given which will definitely clear your concept. I will recommend you to not to look for the ecopy of the book rather you must have hard copy of this book.

Some other good books which I personally used in my college time are given below. You can either purchase these books or can issue from your college library. You can also check if you can find free ecopy of the books.

Power System Engineering by D. P. Kothari Power System Analysis by J. B. Gupta
Elements of Power System by William Stevenson
Power System Engineering 2 Edition Power System Analysis

For Power System Protection, you may refer any one of the following books.

Switchgear and Power System Protection by Singh Ravindra P Power System Protection & Switchgear  by Bhuvanesh Oza, Rashesh Mehta
Switchgear and Power System Protection by [Singh, Ravindra P.] Power System Protection & Switchgear 1 Edition

Recommended Books:

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