Electrical Machines-My Favorite Books

Electrical Machine consists of Static and Rotating Machine. Transformer is an example of Static Machine whereas Motors and Generators are example of rotating machine. Being an electrical engineer, one need to have a good understanding of electrical machine. I am here recommending some of the best reference boom for Electrical Machine.

  • Electrical Machinery from Dr. P.S. Bimbhra is one of the best books for learning Electrical machine concept. I will suggest you to not to be selective while reading this book rather one should go through every concept. Like most of us only read Transformer, Synchronous Generator and Induction Machine and leave Concept of Electromechanical Conversion Devices. This is really not good. You should read every chapter of the book for having a stronger base.

I would not suggest BL Theraja if you are an electrical engineering students as the concepts in Theraja are superficial.This book does not cover the topics in depth. But if you are a diploma student in Electrical Engineering then this book will really help you.

Recommended Books:

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