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I won’t recommend too many books for Power Electronics but I will only recommend Power Electronics by P.S Bhimbra. This book is divided into 13 Chapters.

Chapter-1 starts with Introduction of Power Electronics, need of Power Electronics, different symbols used etc. This chapter is designed to give an idea of requirement of power circuits using SCRs, IGBT, Diode etc.

Chapter-2 is based on Power Diodes and Transistors. This chapter gives a clear understanding of difference between power diode and a diode. Properties of Transistors capable of handling large power is also discussed. Apart from these, MOSFET, IGBT, SIT (Static Induction Transistor), MCT (MOS Controlled Thyristor) are also discussed. Get this book today in your library.

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Chapter-3 is diode circuits and rectifiers for different load types.

Chapter-4 starts with Thyristors, V-I Characteristics, turn-on methods, Gate characteristics, two transistor model of thyristor etc.

Chapter-5 is Thyristor Commutation Techniques. Commutation technique is divided into six types viz. Load Commutation, Resonance Pulse Commutation, Complementary Commutation, Impulse Commutation, External Pulse Commutation and Line Commutation. The subject material is dealt in such a lucid manner that one can grasp the concept without any help from teacher / professor.

Chapter-6 is Phase Controlled Rectifier. This is very important chapter and how to achieve controlling of output is discussed is really awesome.

Chapter-7 is Chopper. Principle of Chopper Operation, Control Methods, Types of Chopper, Steady State Time domain analysis, thyristor chopper circuit, multiphase choppers are dealt with great detail.

Chapter-8 is Inverter. Operating principle of Single phase voltage source inverter, fourier analysis of single phase voltage inverter output, Force commutated thyristor inverters, 3 phase bridge inverter, voltage control in single phase bridge inverter, Pulse width modulated inverter, reduction in harmonics in inverter output voltage, Current source inverters etc are discussed in this chapter. The way of describing the topics are great.

Chapter-9 is AC Voltage Controller. Chapter-10 is Cycloconverter.  Principle of Cycloconverter, 1 phase to 1 phase circuit step up Cycloconverter, 1 phase to 1 phase circuit step down Cycloconverter, 3 phase half wave Cycloconverter etc are discussed.

Chapter-11 is application which includes SMPS, UPS, HVDC, Static Switches, Static Circuit Breakers etc.

Chapter-12 is Electric Drives. Chapter-13 is Power Factor Improvement using power electronics circuits. Static VAR compensator is also discussed in this chapter.

The whole book is designed so that students get maximum benefits after reading the book. At the end of book, you will find many Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and Answers. These MCQs are really very helpful if you are preparing for GATE Exam.

At the end I will say, you must have this book in you bookshelf if you are an electrical engineer. Get the book at discounted price here

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