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Thank you very much for visiting Electrical Baba! This website is dedicated to all fresh Electrical Engineering Graduates seeking to land  to their dream place. If you want to learn Electrical Engineering, then you are definitely at the right place. Here you can discuss things and get your doubt cleared by just writing in comment box. We will be very happy to help you in clearing doubt. Not only that, you suggestion and value addition is most welcome. Basically, here we are going to discuss, so you are free to write your views.

Different aspects of Electrical Engineering is dealt in such a lucid manner that anyone can have clear concept of the topic with practical overview. Every topic has been written to cover theoretical as well as practical aspect. Not only this, practical implementation of the subject is discussed.

The site has been divided into different sections: Basic Electrical, Power System, Electrical Machine, Electronics and Interview Questions. One can navigate around any of the sections and choose subsections from the drop-down to study and learn concepts. Above all, around 1000+ most relevant interview questions for fresh Electrical Engineering Graduate are provided with their .pdf format to download.