Gauss Law and its Application

Gauss Law states that, the flux of net Electric Field through a closed surface is equal to the net charge enclosed by the closed surface divided by permitivity of space. Therefore, mathematically it can be written as ∫E.ds = Qint/ξ     (Integration is done...
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Coulomb’s Law

Coulomb’s law is an experimental law formulated in 1785 by the French colonel, Charles Augustin de Coulomb. It deals with the force a point charge exerts on another point charge. By a point charge we mean a charge that is located on a body whose...
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Basics of Magnetic Circuit

Magnetic Circuit is defined as the path followed by a Magnetic Flux. Magnetic Flux always has a tendency to follow low Reluctance path. The laws of Magnetic Circuit are quite similar to the Electric Circuit but the terms used in Magnetic Circuit analysis is different....
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How does Motional EMF Produced?

Motional EMF is the potential difference produced across the length of a conductor moving in a Magnetic Field. Suppose a conductor of length l is moving with a velocity v in a uniform magnetic field B as shown in figure below. As the conductor is...
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