How Many Batteries Do I Need for a 200 Watt Solar Panel?

When it comes to the solar system, the first thing that may come to your mind is sizing solar batteries. Determining how many batteries per solar panel is needed can be complicated.

To get electric supply at homes, small offices, or for cars, most people prefer using 200-watt solar panels. But, the problem is most of them don’t know the exact battery sizing.

When using a solar panel with 200-watt 12 volts, you can use a 12-volt 40Ah 500-watt hours battery. It may take a little more volts, depending on your power consumption.

However, in this context, below we’ll talk about how many batteries you need for 200-watt solar panels, what electric devices you can run with them, what things you should consider, and many more. So, stay with us.

Why Do Solar Panels Need Batteries?

Why do solar panels need batteries? This question may come to your mind when thinking about installing a solar panel. Well, let us explain.

Why Do Solar Panels Need Batteries?

To have an uninterrupted power supply, even on rainy days or cloudy weather, batteries are needed for solar panels as they work as mediators to ensure a persistent supply of energy.

In short, without standard and powerful solar batteries, you won’t get emergency power backup. Apart from that, solar batteries are used for storing the oversupply of power produced by the panels.

Lithium batteries are recommended by most solar manufacturers as they have an extended lifespan, incredible power output, and reliable performance compared to other battery types.  

How Much Power Does a 200W Solar Panel Produce?

You should perceive how much power a 200 Watt Solar Panel produces before installing one, shouldn’t you? Okay, you’ll usually have 20-watts of power from a 200-watt solar panel.

But, keep in mind that, the wattage of power also relies on a couple of factors such as geographical location, shading, the season, the angle of the panel, the type of solar panel, cleanness of the solar panel, and so on.

If you install a solar panel where the sunlight hits directly, then the panel can produce up to 840 watts of power. To get more power, multiple 200-watt solar panels can be placed together in a row.

A battery or a battery bank can be charged with a 200-watt solar panel that can be used to supply energy to several appliances like laptops, coffee makers, microwave ovens, and light bulbs for a certain period.

Note: If you are supposed to use a battery bank to run several types of appliances, you need to have a power inverter that can convert from 12-volt DC power to AC. Never run appliances directly off the solar panels as overcharge can cause damage.

How Many Batteries Do I Need for a 200-Watt Solar Panel?

In the previous section, we have mentioned why you need batteries for solar panels. Solar batteries are essential for panels to get their entire potential and power backup to use in bad weather.

How Many Batteries Do I Need for a 200-Watt Solar Panel?

A solar battery holds two major functions. The first one is, “It Keeps The Oversupply Energy Generated By Solar Panels”,  and the second function is, “It Works As A Mediator For Constant Power Supply In Case Of Bad Weather Like Cloudy Or Rainy Days.”

Whatever, let’s come to the point. How many batteries do you need for a 200-Watt Solar Panel? Actually, “a 500Wh [12 Volts, 40Ah] is considered the best match for a 200W solar panel.”

It is highly recommended to use lithium batteries for solar panels because of their extended life span, excellent power output, robustness, and reliable performance.

How to Determine the Right Solar Battery Bank Size for Your Needs

It is a bit difficult to determine the right solar battery bank size depending on your requirements. To figure out the perfect one, you have to contemplate a number of things that we have mentioned below. Let’s check them out.

1. Analyze Your Regular Power Consumption

First, you have to find out your monthly kWh output by conveying your electric bill. After that, to get your regular kWh, divide the output by 30; and then square it by 1000. By accomplishing this, you can easily convert the kWh figure into watt-hours.

2. Consider The Number Of Days Your Solar System Will Be Without Sun Exposure

To have some information regarding this, you can Google the annual average cloudy weather period in your area. The less sun you’ll get, the bigger the battery should be. We recommend having a larger size one that is a wise decision when it comes to solar battery bank sizing.

3. Evaluate The Lowest Possible Temperature Your Battery Bank Will Encounter

In that case, you have to research carefully first the average low temperature in the region where you live. Following this way, you can predict whether your battery bank has the adequate capacity or not. You should keep in mind that the batteries’ capacity goes down 10% for every 15 to 20 degrees under 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Does the Type of Battery You Use Affect the Number of Solar Panels You’ll Require for Your System?

Before providing the answer, let’s compare a 200W solar panel and a 100W solar panel. Generally, a 100W solar panel produces about 5 to 6 amps per hour whereas a 200W solar panel generates approximately 10 to 12 amps per hour.

There would be approximately 5-6 hours of average sunlight to produce your solar panel in a day. It follows that a 200W solar panel may produce about 60 to 72 amp-hours a day.

Suppose, you use a 12-volt battery, an individual 200W solar panel is not enough to completely charge this battery in a day, especially when you go for two batteries. So, you will need a minimum of three 200W solar systems when charging one battery.

What Electronic Devices Can You Run With a 200-watt Solar Panel?

Now, let’s see what devices you can run with a 200-watt solar panel. Some of the electric appliances and devices you can operate with it after average sun exposure. These are

  • A 40 Watt Electric Fan [2 Hours a Day]
  • A 100 Watt Laptop [2 Hours a Day]
  • A 1000 Watt Coffee Maker [1 Hour a Day]
  • Two 10 Watt LED Lights [5 Hours a Day]
  • A 100 Watt TV [2 Hours a Day]
  • A 625 Watt Microwave [90 Minutes a Day]
  • A 20 Watt Drone/Tables/Phone [3 Hours a Day]

To run the electric devices, you’ll need to have a power inverter that can convert DC current to AC.

Are 200-watt Solar Panels Suitable for You?

Whether a 200W solar panel is suitable for you or not relies on the type of solar project that you have in mind.

In general, for small-scale applications, a 200W solar system is the right choice but, if you would like to install solar panels in big businesses or households, it is better to choose between 250 to 365W per hour.

However, depending on the electronic devices and appliances, you can determine if a 200W solar panel will be a perfect selection for you. In that case, you can look at the above discussion on what electronic devices can you run with a 200-watt solar panel

Is a 200-Watt Solar Panel Sufficient For RV

It is true that 200W solar panels come with perfect size, weight, and power. But, when it is about RV, a question may come to your mind: are they powerful enough for RV?

Is a 200-Watt Solar Panel Sufficient For RV

As we mentioned earlier, solar panel production depends on several things, and location is considered one of the most important things. For instance, solar panels in California can generate two times more than in London.

Suppose, an RV is equipped with a 200w solar panel in California. As stated by Global Solar Atlas, the solar production potential is 1kwh per day on average.

Final Thought

So, it was all about how many batteries do you need for a 200W solar panel. The battery is required on a solar panel to have power backup in bad weather as they work as mediators for constant energy supply without any interruption. However, The best battery for a 200W solar panel is a 12v, 40Ah battery. And while choosing the battery for the solar panel, make sure that it is lithium that has a longer life span, excellent power output, and provides reliable performance.

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  1. WRT RV batteries, depends on the size RV.

    When I had a class A, I had 1.3KW of solar panels, medium-dollar (Chinese import) heavy duty mppt charge controller and 300AH of lithium batteries (3x100AH).

    But for my mid-size pickup camper (camper shell) i’ll use 200W of panel (2×100) and 40 AH of battery. Another Chinese import MPPT conmtroller, just not as beastly. Chinese import inverter (from Amazon). Led strips in the back and a separate sound system. Will run off the battery.


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