Best Book for Power Electronics

Power Electronics is one of the most important subjects of Electrical Engineering. In fact, without the use of power electronic devices, we cannot imagine modern electrical application. Rectifiers, Inverters, Choppers, Cycloconveters etc find a wide range of application in industries. Most of the student find this subject a bit tough. But, power electronics is not … Read more

Best Book for Power System

The best book for Power System is “Power System by C. L Wadhawa”. Power System is one of the core electrical subject of electrical engineering. This subject also becomes important from GATE / PSUs/IES Exam preparation point of view. Every year, more than 5 questions are  asked from Power System in GATE Exam. Therefore, selection … Read more

Basic Electrical Engineering – List of Best Book

Every electrical engineer must have heard of the book “Basic Electrical Engineering by C. L Wadhwa”. Without the knowledge of basic concepts, one cannot understand the electrical concepts in the higher semesters. Therefore, one must not skip the basic electrical. It is the core of electrical engineering. Thus, selection of a good reference book becomes … Read more

Electrical Engineering Books – A Complete List

Books are lifeline of Students. In fact, both are related to each other. Without books we can’t think of Students and without students, there is no use of Books. Unfortunately, Books only provide the detailed concept of the subject matter. You need to make your own strategy based on your interest & goal to get … Read more

Best Book for Electrical Machine

Electrical Machine is a very important subject for Electrical Engineers. Being an Electrical Engineer, we can never ignore this subject. Many engineering student find this subject tough due to lack of proper and understandable explanations given in the book. They either search for the Best Book for Electrical Machine or consult their college professor to … Read more