Current Commutated Chopper Explanation

Current Commutated Chopper is a type of chopper in which commutation of thyristor used in the circuit take place due to oscillatory current through it. This article explains current commutated chopper along with its circuit diagram, working principle and various waveforms. Circuit Diagram: The circuit diagram of a current commutated chopper is shown below. In … Read more Current Commutated Chopper Explanation

Voltage Commutated Chopper Explained

Voltage commutated chopper is one of the simplest and earliest chopper circuit. This chopper is generally used in high power circuit where load fluctuation is not very large. This chopper is also known as Parallel Capacitor Turn Off Chopper, Impulse Commutated Chopper or Classical Chopper. Working Principle of Voltage Commutated Chopper: The working principle of … Read more Voltage Commutated Chopper Explained

Class-B or Type-B Chopper – Introduction and Operation

Introduction: Class-B or Type-B chopper is defined as the chopper in which the direction of power flow is always from load to source. The operation of this chopper is confined in the second quadrant. This is the reason; it is also known as Second Quadrant Chopper. In second quadrant chopper, the output voltage is positive … Read more Class-B or Type-B Chopper – Introduction and Operation

What is Quadrant Operation of Chopper?

The quadrant operation of chopper is basically the circuit configuration so adjusted to achieve the chopper voltage Vo and output current Io in all the four quadrants. A chopper can be operated in all four quadrants by employing required circuit configuration.   We know that, a chopper is a semiconductor power electronic device. Again, a … Read more What is Quadrant Operation of Chopper?