What is SOTF Protection?

SOTF Protection stands for Switch On to Fault. This protection is provided for high speed clearance of detected fault immediately after Manual Closure of Circuit Breaker. Let us suppose that a fault is existing and we gave a closing command to Breaker, then in that case SOTF protection will immediately trip the Breaker. SOTF Protection … Read more

Broken Conductor Protection

The majority of faults on a power system occur between one phase and ground or two phases and ground. These are known as shunt faults and arise from lightning discharges and other over voltages which initiate flashovers. Alternatively, they may arise from other causes such as birds on overhead lines or mechanical damage to cables … Read more

Single Circuit and Double Circuit Transmission Line

Single Circuit Transmission Line refers to an arrangement of conductor over the Transmission Tower. In Single Circuit Transmission Line, three conductors corresponding to three distinct phases i.e. R, Y & B phase are run on the Transmission Tower. Double Circuit Transmission Line refers to the arrangement in which a total of six conductors are provided … Read more

What is an Arcing Horn?

Arcing Horn is basically projected conductors used to protect the Insulators in High Voltage Transmission Line from damage during flashover. Over voltage on Transmission Line may occur due to various reasons like lightning strike, sudden load variation, fault etc. Due to this high voltage a flash over may take place which will shatter the Insulator. … Read more