Difference between Star and Delta Connection

As we know that Star & Delta Connection only possible in 3 phase system, so in our domestic system it is not possible, because generally all house hold electrical equipment are designed with single phase supply.

Difference between Star & Delta:

Star Connected System:

  • Star connection is used where we require Neutral terminal to obtain Phase voltage like above below.
  • In a star connected system VL=√3Vph, mean Phase voltage is root 3 times less than line voltage.
  • In a star Connected system IL=Iphase.
  • Star connected systems require less insulation level.
  • Star Connected system is used where low starting current is required.

Delta Connected System:

  • In a Delta Connected system Line Voltage is equal to Phase Voltage.
  • While phase current is √3 times less than Line current.
  • Insulation level is high because line voltage = Phase Voltage.
  • Delta Connected system is generally used where high starting Torque is required.

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