Why Core Type Transformer is widely used than Shell Type?

The core type transformers have many advantages over shell type transformers as follows:

  • The core is greater than shell¬† but the circular coils that are used are easier to wind.
  • Provide more mechanical strength especially when short circuit occurs.
  • High space factor and reduced mean length of turns resulting in reduced copper losses.
  • Longer mean length of iron core.
  • Smaller Cross-section of iron so greater number of turns.
  • Provides more space for insulation making it best suited for EHV requirements.
  • Don’t require more specialized fabrication facilities.
  • Offers an additional advantage of permitting visual inspection of coils in case of faults.
  • Ease of repair at substation site.

Due to all this advantages in present practice core type transformers are use in large high voltages installations.

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