Best Book for Electrical Machine

Electrical Machine is a very important subject for Electrical Engineers. Being an Electrical Engineer, we can never ignore this subject. Many engineering student find this subject tough due to lack of proper and understandable explanations given in the book. They either search for the Best Book for Electrical Machine or consult their college professor to recommend the best book for electrical machine. Most of them, manage to find the best one. This article is an attempt to help those students who are looking / searching for the best reference book for electrical machine.

There are various reference books for electrical machines available in market. Every book has their own specialty. Some books are good for Transformer, some are good for Synchronous Machine and some are good for their Numericals. No electrical machines pdf format book is available here to download. It is always a good decision to have a hard copy of the reference book.

We will rate the books based on the following parameters:

Ease in understanding:

The books should be easy to understand the concept. This means, the language should be easy. It should not be much complicated as we are trying to learn Electrical Machine not English Language. Isn’t it?

Concept dealt in great detail:

The book should cover all the concepts in a lucid and easy manner. But this doesn’t mean that concepts are precise and we get into trouble while trying to implement the theory. In fact, the book must deal every concepts in a great detail while being simple.

Equally good for all topics:

The book should be equally good for all the topics so that we need to have too many books for different topics.

Sufficient solved examples to implement the theory

The book must have enough solved example after every concepts so that student can learn the way of implementation of the theory, they just went through.

Three Best Book for Electrical Machine

Some of the best book for electrical machines are listed below. The books are given star rating on the basis of above mentioned criteria. The best book for electrical machine will be given 5 Star.

Number-1 : Electrical Machine by Dr. P. S. Bhimbra (Highly Recommended for GATE / IES)

Rating:best book for electrical machine

Electrical Machine by Dr. P. S. Bhimbra is the best book for Electrical Machine. This book comes in two volume: Volume-1 and Volume-2.

Volume-1 is available as “Electrical Machine by P.S. Bhimbra” in the market. This volume covers:

  • Single Phase Transformer
  • Basics of Electromachanical Energy Conversion
  • Basic Concept of Rotating Electrical Machine
  • DC Motor and Generator
  • Synchronous Machine
  • Three Phase Induction Machine

Volume-2 is available as “Generalized Theory of Electrical Machine”.

This volume covers: Three Phase Transformer, Single Phase Induction Motor, Synchronous Machine, Special Machines like Reluctance Motor, Stepper Motor etc.

Based on the rating parameters defined earlier, the star rating for Volume-1 and Volume-2 are tabulated below:

Features of Electrical Machine by Dr. P.S Bhimbra, Volume-1 and Volume-2

  • Ease in understanding:

Very easy to understand.

  • Concept dealt in great detail:

Detailed concept given.

  • Equally good for all topics:

Good for Transformer, Synchronous Machine, DC Machine and Induction Machine.

  • Sufficient solved examples to implement the theory:

Enough solved examples, useful for GATE / IES and various competitive exams.

Number-2 : Electric Machines by Ashfaq Husain and Harroon Ashfaq

Rating:4.5 star


  • Concepts explained in lucid manner
  • Practical exposure in Synchronous Machine along with theory
  • All types of solved numerical
  • Recommended for GATE / IES

Number-3 : Electric Machinery Fundamentals by Stephen Chapman

Rating:4.5 starFeatures:

  • Topics so arranged that reader gets the full understanding of the concept
  • Very good for theory
  • Sufficient number of solved examples and numerical are not included

I don’t want you to get confused. Therefore, I only recommended three books. If you can suggest some other best book for electrical machine, please write in comment box.

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