Expectations of Industries from an Engineer

In today’s scenario, Industries expects something ahead of CGPA in this competitive world from an Engineer.

20-33% out of the 1.5 million engineering graduates passing out every year run the risk of not getting a job at all, points out EconomicTimes. This is because they lack some of the skills which are expected from the industries, be it IT industry or Core industry. For those who do, the entry-level salary is pathetically low, and has stagnated at that level for the last eight-nine years, though the prices of everything from groceries to vehicle fuel have shot up during the same period.

So what an engineer (electrical or any other branch) needs, to stand out at the industrial expectation and to get a good job or to achieve brilliance in his/her field? In this post I will be discussing important skills which are at high demand.

Practical Knowledge:

It is the practical knowledge that makes u a good engineer. Good grades on your graduation certificate are a reflection of your theoretical knowledge. The correlation between job opportunities and grades is very less. It is because of the fact that a good knowledge on any subject does not warrant the ability to apply it to solve real-time problems. Employers are keen for engineers, who prove that they can call upon the relevant skills as and when required.

I strongly recommend you to start developing projects “that work” to make your application skills evident and while you are at Vocational Training, choose the type of Industry in which you are interested and apply your theoretical knowledge to understand the real time application.

Creative Thinking:

Look around. Some of the most amazing gadgets and technologies are creative and, sometimes, simple engineering solutions to daily problems, starting from the smartphone to e-commerce. As engineers, you are expected to be creative enough to come up with innovative ideas and analytical enough to link knowledge from different areas to solve problems.

Passion for Learning:

The most important characteristic that will make you not only a better engineer but a better person is the never-ending spirit for learning. Many eminent personalities are of the opinion that the day a human being stops learning is the day he dies!Let this single mantra drive your life and you will be successful at whatever you take up.


Like creativity, the ability to continually push and change is invaluable. Challenges arise daily and as an employee and job seeker, you must be able to adapt, and communicate the issues to work towards a solution.

Good Communication Skills:

Engineers also need interpersonal skills to be successful. They must listen to clients and others who are working on the project to help determine what’s needed. Also, during the course of the project, they must address the concerns of these individuals, and they should be able to explain their solutions and designs, both verbally and in writing, to others in a way that is clearly understood by those who don’t have a background in engineering.

When you are working, there will be many subordinates of yours. You need to make them clear regarding a particular job. Again, if you have a new idea then you need to convince you Boss to get your idea implemented. So communication skill is must and indispensable.

Familiarity with Industry Standards:

There is an evident gap, between the academic standards in engineering colleges and the actual operating conditions in the industry. Young engineers feel overwhelmed due to the sudden change in working conditions right from the technologies being used to the operating procedures of the organization they become part of and it reflects in their performance. Learning industry certified courses is one elegant solution to handle this misalignment.

Leadership and Teamwork:

Engineers rarely work alone. Usually they’re leading a team or they’re a part of a group. In a leadership position, they take oversight for designing and implementing the project on time and within budget, and they also lead and manage other employees. As a team member, they may work with other engineers and technicians to troubleshoot and solve problems as they occur.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

Michael Jordan
So these things are important as they help create personal branding and a well-rounded network of professionals, opening opportunities to achieve SUCCESS.

Thank you!

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