Types of Solar Power Systems Explained

Solar energy is slowly becoming a huge part of Indian households, and last year’s increased time at home has only cemented its growth. For example, financing in renewable energy projects and the decrease in solar module costs drove the solar prices in the country to an all-time low in 2020. In turn, this has encouraged more people … Read more

Why Should you Learn ETAP?

ETAP stands for Electrical Transient Analyzer Program. It is a powerful tool do modeling, simulation and analysis of power system. Before we drive deep into the scope of ETAP in industries for an Electrical Engineering graduate, it is imperative to know what exactly is ETAP? So, we shall first have a broad view of this … Read more

Why does Megger have a DC Generator?

Megger is a brand name of Insulation Tester. Due to the popularity of this brand, we often use this term to mean Insulation Tester and Megger value to mean Insulation Resistance value. Today, there are various other make of Insulation Testers available and therefore it is better to call it Insulation Tester instead of Megger. … Read more

Sign Convention in Electrical Circuits

Sign convention is the generalized way to solve and analyze the electrical circuits. It defines the positive or negative sign to be taken for various electrical parameters viz. current, voltage, power etc. Sign convention brings uniformity in the value of electrical parameters so that anyone can understand the analysis of circuits. Our Universe is diverse … Read more

Calculation of Current through a Diode

Current through an Ideal Diode: The diode equation gives an expression for the current through a diode as a function of voltage. The Ideal Diode Law, expressed as shown below   Where, I = the net current flowing through the diode I0 = Reverse Saturation Current V = applied voltage across the terminals of the … Read more

How to Prepare for Mathematics for GATE-2018

Mathematics is an important subject for securing a good rank in GATE exam. If you see the statistics, you will note that every year around five questions are asked form Mathematics. Marks wise it will stand around 12. So once can secure his/her 12 marks by just preparing Mathematics. There are three sections where math … Read more

Top Electrical Companies in India for Fresh Electrical Graduates

The Indian Electrical Industry is one of the leading electrical markets in the world, involved in the manufacturing and development of electrical equipment. The electrical industry consist of production of transformers, motors, generators, switch gears, home appliances, transmission lines, etc. This post describes about the top 8 Electrical Companies in India: 1. BHARAT HEAVY ELECTRICALS LIMITED … Read more