How to Plan Final Year of B.Tech to Get a Core Job

In this post, I am going to describe some but important points which one should take care while he/she is in final year of B.Tech. If your destiny is Core Electrical then this post will help you.

Be clear with your concepts:
We usually think that whatever we have learnt during previous semesters is utter waste. Some of my seniors did tell me that they never use what they studied. Reason is that they are not working in core electrical.

But today, I am using all sort of Power System Protection Concepts, Generator Capability Curves etc. as I am working in Core Electrical.

Choose a Wise Project:

Students generally are fascinated with buzz words like BigData, Internet of Things, Robotics etc. If you look at them carefully, its old wine in new bottle. So choose something simple, economical and feasible. There are chances that you may get a good opportunity looking at your simple but clear and neat project. No need to be highly innovative. Reverse engineer and find faults, try a new solution or just state them is more than enough.

Be Clear About Opportunities:

Generally, students are not aware of opportunities outside. They tend to be demoralized when they are not selected during Campus. Well, world out placement is full of more opportunities, since you do not have to depend on college and faculties but you can search. So never get disappointed rather be prepared for the next game.

Be Clear About Profiles:

Students are not very clear about this concept nor does the college clarify. For most having the job is important rather than what the job is about. They should be clear about work definitions and the domains. Student must be selective and wise while choosing the job profile. It may happen so that one company is paying a little less but if the job profile offered is good then one must select that company.

I am explaining this with one example. Suppose you got offer from two different companies A and B. The compensation offered by A and B are 12 Lac/Annum and 15 Lac/annum respectively. Job profile of A is Electrical Design while that of B is Operation and Maintenance. So as per my opinion, one should go for company A as it’s experience will give you much more compensation the B after, say, 3 to 4 years.

Prepare for GATE:

Prepare for GATE as GATE is a professional qualification and it will give you an idea of where you stand. Also, most of the PSUs offer job based on the GATE score.

If you need my help, feel free to ask. Thank you!

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