Generator V-Curve and Power Factor Control

V-curve and power factor control of generator are closely related to each other. V-curve of Generator is basically a plot of variation of armature current with the change in field current. For a constant power, V-curve can only be obtained for  generator connected to infinite bus / grid. There does not exists any such curve for an isolated … Read more

Principle of Automatic Voltage Regulator

Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR):  Automatic Voltage Regulator is a device which maintains the Generator output terminal voltage. To be more accurate, AVR is a controller which always compares the Generator output terminal voltage Vt with the set reference voltage Vrefand as per the error signal i.e. (Vref – Vt) it changes the filed excitation of … Read more

Open Circuit and Short Circuit Characteristics of Synchronous Machine

Open Circuit Test and Short Circuit Test are performed on a Synchronous Machine to find out the parameters of Synchronous Machine and hence to have an idea of their performance.  Open Circuit Test of Synchronous Machine is also called No Load, Saturation or Magnetizing Characteristics for the reason which will be clear after going through … Read more

Why Hydrogen used for the Rotor Cooling of Generator

Hydrogen is used for the cooling of Rotor winding i.e. field winding and Rotor Core in Turbo Generator. As shown in figure below, there are small windows on the Rotor structure which allows the passage of Hydrogen. This hydrogen cools the Rotor structure and filed winding. This hydrogen after cooling becomes hot which in turn … Read more