Basic Electrical Engineering – List of Best Book

Every electrical engineer must have heard of the book “Basic Electrical Engineering by C. L Wadhwa”. Without the knowledge of basic concepts, one cannot understand the electrical concepts in the higher semesters. Therefore, one must not skip the basic electrical. It is the core of electrical engineering. Thus, selection of a good reference book becomes vital. Here is the list of best book for Basic Electrical Engineering.

List of Basic Electrical Engineering Books

Three best books for basic electrical engineering are listed below:

Number-1: Basic Electrical by C. L Wadhwa

best book for electrical machine

Basic Electrical Engineering by C. L Wadhwa” is the best reference book. I personally found this book very easy to understand and comprehensive. This book covers all the basic concepts starting from current, voltage, parallel combination of resistance, voltage divider law, circuit theory to three phase generator, harmonics, Lead Acid Battery etc. Above all, many solved examples are also provided after every concept. Theses solved example really helps in better understanding of the theory.

It is suggested to go through the whole book. Though, you may leave chapters on Lead Acid Battery, Electrostat and Electromagnetism. But you must read Electrostat and Electromagnetism from another Book on “Electromagnetic Theory by Sadiku”.

Number-2: Basic Electrical Engineering by B. L Thereja

4.5 star

This book is an awesome book for scoring a good mark in your semester exam. Basic concepts of electrical engineering like power factor, Ripple, Harmonics, RMS Value, Average Value etc. are explained in detail.

Recommended for quick revision of the subject before your semester exam.

Number-3: Basic Electrical by V. K Mehta and Rohit Mehta

This book is written in very simple language. All basic concept required to build the base of electrical engineer is described in a lucid way. Ample of solved example and exercises for students are given after each chapter.


Go for Basic Electrical by C. L Wadhwa. This will help you in building the basic concepts. This book is also suitable for preparation of GATE/ PSUs exam.

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