Can an Oscilloscope Measure DC Voltage?

An oscilloscope is a high-end voltage measurement device that can show you the deepest secret of voltage in electric current. It shows you how every component works on an electrical device. Generally, the oscilloscope takes the electrical voltage measurement into consideration, processes it, and shows the result graphically in the display. You must be wondering … Read more

120° Mode Inverter – Circuit Diagram, Operation and Formula

This article explains the 120° mode inverter with the help of relevant circuit diagrams, output waveforms. Formulas for phase and line voltage & merits and demerits of 120° Mode inverter over 180° mode inverter has also been explained. For 120° mode inverter, each thyristor conducts for 120° of a cycle. Like 180° mode, 120° mode … Read more

Basic Electrical Engineering – List of Best Book

Every electrical engineer must have heard of the book “Basic Electrical Engineering by C. L Wadhwa”. Without the knowledge of basic concepts, one cannot understand the electrical concepts in the higher semesters. Therefore, one must not skip the basic electrical. It is the core of electrical engineering. Thus, selection of a good reference book becomes … Read more

How to Calculate Power Consumption of 1.5 / 1 Ton AC?

It’s chilling summer and most of us might be planning to purchase AC and doing internet research. But the main thing which comes to our mind is the power consumption of AC. As this have a significant effect on our pocket. This post outlines, EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio), ISEER (Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) and … Read more

What is Slip in Induction Motor?

Slip in Induction Motor is the relative speed between the rotating magnetic flux and rotor expressed in terms of per unit synchronous speed. It is a dimensionless quantity. The value of slip in induction motor is can never be zero. If Ns and Nr being the synchronous speed of rotating magnetic flux and rotor speed … Read more

Y Parameter of Two Port Network

Y parameter of two port network is a 2×2 admittance matrix. Since admittance is the ratio of circuit current and voltage, therefore this admittance matrix gives the relationship between the input and output current and voltage of the network. It is also known as short circuit admittance parameter. The Y parameter for a two port … Read more

Brushless Excitation System

Brushless Excitation System is a technology for providing the field current to the Synchronous Generator without using Slip Ring and Carbon Brushes. As this method of Excitation i.e. Brushless Excitation System do not use Carbon Brushes, therefore the losses because of contact resistance of carbon brushes is eliminated. Also, in case of initial start up … Read more