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Power Electronics is one of the most important subjects of Electrical Engineering. In fact, without the use of power electronic devices, we cannot imagine modern electrical application. Rectifiers, Inverters, Choppers, Cycloconveters etc find a wide range of application in industries. Most of the student find this subject a bit tough. But, power electronics is not so tough if you are good at mathematics, especially Fourier Transformation. In this article, we will list some of the best book for power electronics.

Best Book for Power Electronics:

Following are the three best books for Power Electronics:

Number-1: Power Electronics: Circuits, Devices, and Applications by Rashid

best book for electrical machine

This book is very good reference book for beginners. Concepts of power electronics has been started from zero level and dealt up to advanced level. You will find this book easy to understand.

The book has been divided into a total of 18 chapters. It covers, Diode Rectifiers, Power Transistors, DC-DC Converters, Pulse Width Modulation Inverters, Thyristors, Resonant Pulse Inverter, Multilevel Inverters, Controlled Rectifiers, AC Voltage Controllers, Static Switches viz. Solid Relays, Microelectronic Relays etc., Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS), Power Supplies, DC Drives, AC Drives, Gate Drive Circuit etc.

If you want to have a solid concept of Power Electronics, then Power Electronics: Circuits, Devices, and Applications by Rashid” is the best book for power electronics.

Number-2: Power Electronics by P. S. Bhimbra

4.5 star

This book is another great book for clearing concepts, academic exam, GATE preparation and other competitive exams. The best feature of this book is its preciseness without compromising the quality of content.

You will be able to finish this book in just ten days. There are ample of solved examples relevant to questions being asked in GATE Exam. So, this is the best book if you are planning to prepare for GATE Exam in a stipulated time.

Number-3: Power Electronics by Kanchandani & Singh

4.5 star

This book is written as per the syllabus of various Indian Universities. The main feature of this book is the way, topics are presented. All topics are presented in a systematic way with relevant and enough solved examples. Derivations are simple and graphical representation wherever necessary is an awesome feature of this book.

I will personally recommend this book if you love Power Electronics and want to have a deep understanding of the subject.

There are various other good books but I have mentioned the three best book for power electronics to avoid confusion. Again, it is far better to read one book 1000 times instead of reading 1000 books for single time. So, choose the best book and read it several times. Your concept will get crystal clear.

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  1. To ad to the qoute “better to read a book 1000 times, instead of reading 1000 books for a single time” that “its even better to read 1000 books, and reading each book 1000 times” . That is more true in power electronics were understanding the concepts can be life saving.


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