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The best book for Power System is “Power System by C. L Wadhawa”. Power System is one of the core electrical subject of electrical engineering. This subject also becomes important from GATE / PSUs/IES Exam preparation point of view. Every year, more than 5 questions are  asked from Power System in GATE Exam. Therefore, selection of the best book for Power System becomes very important. List of some of the best reference book for Power System are shown below:

Number-1: Power System by C. L. Wadhawa

best book for electrical machine

This book is the best reference book. It is best suited for having in death concept of the subject matter. The most beautiful thing of this book, which I found that, a single book is enough for all your needs, be it for concept, GATE preparation or other exam purpose.

If you are a beginner then I will suggest you to first go through “Power System by V. K. Mehta”. This book is very easy to understand and it will give you an idea of the basic things of the power system. It will hardly take your 15 days to finish “Power System by V. K. Mehta”. So, it’s not a big deal to finish this book first.

Once you are finished with “Power System by V. K. Mehta”, start reading “Power System by C. L. Wadhwa”. While reading C. L. Wadhwa, you will notice that

  • Your concepts are getting more clear
  • You will observe that “Power Factor Correction and Principles” which are given in V. K. Mehta is not covered in C. L. Wadhwa.
  • Some of the very basic things of power system viz. “Advantages of three phase power transmission”, “Why power Transmitted at High Voltage” etc. are not covered in C. L. Wadhwa. But you have read it in V. K. Mehta.
  • Some of the advanced topics like Power System Economics, Economic Load Dispatch, Relaying, Fault are covered in great detail in C. L. Wadhwa. These topics are just fabulous.  In fact, these are the main topics of power system for an electrical engineer.

Number-2: Power System by Ashfaq Hussain

4.5 star

The language of the book is very easy. A lot of solved examples are given for better understanding of concept you just went through. All topics required for your academic exam, GATE or other competitive exam is covered in this book.

Number-3: Power System Analysis  by John Grainger, William Stevenson Jr

4.5 star

An awesome book to build concepts. Language is also simple enough. This book can be used if you want to build advanced concepts. This book is so famous among electrical engineer is that, they call it Bible of Power System. Try this book to judge yourself.

Number-4: Power System by I Nagrath & Kothari

Good reference book. Covers the syllabus of GATE / IES. Sufficient solved examples are provided after every chapter to clear your concept.

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