How to Prepare for Mathematics for GATE-2018

Mathematics is an important subject for securing a good rank in GATE exam. If you see the statistics, you will note that every year around five questions are asked form Mathematics. Marks wise it will stand around 12. So once can secure his/her 12 marks by just preparing Mathematics.

There are three sections where math is asked. One in Aptitude Section (1 Question Carrying one marks and 1 Question of two marks), Section-1 (carrying one marks) and Section-2 (Carrying two marks). The math question coming in Aptitude question is quite simple and can be solved by having a good knowledge of mathematics up to class 12. It does not need any special preparation to solve mathematics question of Aptitude Section. Please have a look at some of the mathematics Questions from previous year in Aptitude Section.

Year 2015:

1 Marks:

2 Marks:

Year 2014:

1 Marks Question:

2 Marks Questions:
It is clear that the above two questions are simple can easily be solved using elementary knowledge of Mathematics.

Mind that every year one question from Maxima Minima comes for sure. So be ready to grab the marks for that Maxima Minima question without giving special attention.
Now, we will discuss about the main sections i.e. Section-1 and Section-2. For main sections you need to prepare for mathematics and that too in very selective manner. If you observe the previous year question paper, you will notice that question from a particular section comes like they are from Fourier Transform, Z-Transform, Integration (Line, Surface and Volume) etc.

Thus special attention needs to be given on these topics. I will suggest you to go through the whole mathematics as the syllabus is very short for mathematics while the marks for math question is handsome. You are going to get 12-15 marks just by going through few topics like Integration, Maxima Minima, Rolls and Lagranges Mean Value Theorem, Fourier Transform, Z-Transform etc.

Made Easy Study material for Mathematics is quite good and the best part of it is that it is very precise and can be complete fast. Please download the Study Material for Maths from the link below and start you preparation. Mind that don’t waste your much time on a single paper rather be smart and finish it within specified time say 10 days and practice as much as you can do.

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