Voltage Regulation and Efficiency of Transmission Line

We know that, Electric Power is transmitted using three phase transmission system due to its own advantages. But for any system it is very important to define some parameters to evaluate the performance. Therefore, there must be some parameters which define the performance of transmission line. Yes, there are two parameters namely, Voltage Regulation and … Read more

Transmission Line Performance – Calculation

Transmission Line Performance is determined by two parameters. Those parameters are Voltage Regulation and Transmission Efficiency. In this post we will be discuss and evaluate the performance of short transmission line. As we know that the effect shunt capacitance of line is neglected for short transmission line. Therefore, for the sake of study and analysis … Read more

Voltage Regulation of a Transformer

Voltage Regulation of Transformer is defined as change in magnitude of Secondary Terminal Voltage per unit Rated Secondary Terminal Voltage when load at a given Power Factor is reduced to zero while maintain the Primary Voltage constant. Lets us assume that,   V2 = Secondary Terminal Voltage at any Load   E2 = Secondary Terminal … Read more