There are mainly two types of induction motor on the basis of power supply, Single Phase Induction Motor and Three Phase Induction Motor. As their name suggests, 1 phase AC power supply is extended to single phase induction motor while three phase induction motor is connected to 3 phase AC power supply.

Types of Single Phase Induction Motor:

Again, single phase induction motor may be classified on the basis of their construction and starting methods. On this basis, they can be further categorized into following types:

  • Split Phase Induction Motor
  • Capacitor Start Induction Motor
  • Capacitor Start Capacitor Run Induction Motor
  • Shaded Pole Induction Motor

Types of 3 Phase Induction Motor:

A three phase induction motor (IM) has two major components, Stator and Rotor. Stator is the stationary part whereas Rotor is rotating part. Load is coupled to the rotor shaft of the motor. Three phase armature winding is wound on the stator. When balanced three phase current flows through this winding, a constant amplitude rotating magnetic field is created in the air gap. This armature winding is connected to the 3 phase power supply and carried the load current.

Based on the rotor construction, it can be of two types: Squirrel Cage Rotor and Wound Rotor. On this ground, IM is also classified as

  • Squirrel Cage Induction Motor
  • Wound Rotor or Slip Ring Induction Motor


For squirrel cage type, the rotor winding comprises of uninsulated copper or aluminium bar embedded into semi-closed rotor slots. These solid bar conductors are short circuited at both ends by end ring of same material. Thus this kind of rotor looks like a squirrel cage and hence called Squirrel Cage Induction Motor.

In wound rotor or slip ring induction motor, the insulated windings are wound on the rotor in the same manner as on the stator. This rotor winding is uniformly distributed and generally connected in STAR. The three leads from this STAR connection is taken out through slip ring. This the reason, it is called slip ring induction motor.

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