Why Sinusoidal Voltage and Current used, why not Square or Other?

In Electrical Engineering, every time our aim is to get the perfect Sinusoidal voltage or current without having any harmonics. But the question arises why do we select Sinusoidal waveform why not other waveform for voltage and current?

The following reasons favor the use of sinusoidal wave:

  • For Sinusoidal wave, hysteresis and eddy current losses are less and therefore Electrical Equipment has higher efficiency for Sinusoidal waves.
  • Non Sinusoidal waves like Square, Triangular waves etc. consists of fundamental component as well as harmonics. Because of presence of harmonics the iron loss in the machine increases which causes more heating and reduces the efficiency.
  • Further, mathematical calculations involving sin and cosine functions are very simpler and therefore design and analysis of electrical system becomes very easy.

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