Why Should you Learn ETAP?

ETAP stands for Electrical Transient Analyzer Program. It is a powerful tool do modeling, simulation and analysis of power system.

Before we drive deep into the scope of ETAP in industries for an Electrical Engineering graduate, it is imperative to know what exactly is ETAP? So, we shall first have a broad view of this software package.

As mentioned earlier, ETAP is a software which provides a platform to electrical design engineer to model a power system staring from source to load. After, modeling the system, one can simulate various kind of faults and analyze the behavior of system under study. These studies are very much important to ensure overall integrity of the system and hence its stability.

ETAP offers a suite of fully integrated electrical engineering software solutions including arc flash, load flow, short circuit, transient stability, relay coordination, cable ampacity, optimal power flow, and more.

Scope of ETAP for Electrical Graduates:

The very first step of a fresh Electrical Engineering graduates defines their carrier. If you want to join as an Electrical Design Engineer, you will definitely need have some set of skills. One such skill is the ability to work on ETAP.

As an electrical design engineer, you will have to do a lot of calculation after modelling the system. Some of these calculations are:

ETAP provides an efficient and reliable platform to do all such calculations. This is the reason, this tool is the most demanded software package for power system design engineer. If you are familiar with this software, it will add a plus point to your profile and will definitely enhance a chance to grab the right opportunity.

Where Should You Start Learning ETAP?

You should start from the official website of ETAP. Here, you will come to know about the offering of the package and get the basic idea of it. Modeling and simulation of power system requires a good knowledge of the subject matter, so read a lot and start with small tasks. There are various videos available on the official website, watch those videos and practice a lot.

If you want each and every thing of ETAP learning at a single place then there are various courses available online. Those courses are, of course paid courses but it really worth. “Electrical Engineering Simulations with Etap” is one of the best course which you should definitely try.

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