Resonant Frequency Formula and Derivation

The resonant frequency formula for series and parallel resonance circuit comprising of Resistor, Inductor and capacitor are different.  In this article, we will go through the resonant frequency formula for series as well as parallel resonance circuit and their derivation. We will also discuss the method to find the resonant frequency for any given circuit … Read more

Ripple Factor of Half Wave Rectifier

The value of ripple factor of single phase half wave rectifier is equal to 1.21. Since, ripple factor is the ratio of rms value of fluctuating ac component to the average value or dc value. Its value of 1.21 means that, the ac fluctuating component in the rectified output of half wave rectifier is 121% … Read more

Thevenin’s Theorem and Its Application

Thevenin’s Theorem is the most used and useful approach to solve electrical networks. This is not a new way or approach rather it’s the same conventional way what we use to solve electrical networks but in an organized manner. Let me explain why this is not new. If you are given an electrical network and … Read more

Triplen Harmonics – Why are they in phase?

Definition: Triplen harmonics are the odd integral multiple of third harmonic wave. If the frequency of third harmonic wave is ω then frequency of triplen harmonic wave will be 3nω, where n = 3,5,9,…These waves posses a special characteristics and hence it becomes important for the study and analysis of power system. The amazing property … Read more

Causes of Low Power Factor

Low power factor has several disadvantages in power system. The main effect of low power factor is to increase the current and hence increase losses. This reduces overall system efficiency. Low power factor is thus not desirable from economic point of view. Let us first understand the basic cause for low power factor. We know … Read more

Poor Power Factor – Effects and Disadvantage

Effect of Poor Power Factor: The major effect of poor power factor is higher value of line current. We know that power factor (pf) is an important parameter for calculation of power in an AC circuit. For a given power and voltage, the current flowing through the line is inversely proportional to the power factor. … Read more