Avalanche Breakdown of Thyristor

First we will describe what avalanche breakdown is. Avalanche breakdown occurs at p-n junction which is moderately doped and has a thick junction means have depletion layer width high. Avalanche breakdown occurs when we apply high reverse voltage across the p-n junction. As we apply...
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Dynamic Braking and Plugging

Dynamic Braking: Apart from Regenerative Braking, another method of reversing the direction of torque and Braking the motor is dynamic braking. In this method of braking the motor which is at a running condition is disconnected from the source and connected across a resistance. When...
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Regenerative Braking

In the last post “Need for Electrical Braking in Electrical Drives“, we discussed the various reasons which call for Electric Braking. Brakes are used to reduce or cease the speed of motors. Braking of Motor can be classified into three types: Regenerative Braking. Plugging type...
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