Why Cable Bonding Required?

Cable bonding is basically the method of making electrical connection between the sheaths of two cables. Such electrical connection of sheaths may either be done at one end or at both the ends of the cable depending upon the application. In this post we will...
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Load Bus, Generator Bus and Slack Bus

Generator Bus
Power System is nothing but the interconnection of various bus. Each of these buses are associated with four electrical parameters namely voltage with magnitude and phase angle, active power and reactive power. These fours parameters are not completely know but in practical situation only two...
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Calculation of Restriking Voltage

Restriking voltage is the transient voltage appearing across the breaker contacts immediately after the opening of breaker contacts. It is also called Transient Recovery Voltage (TRV). Restriking voltage is associated with high frequency which die out quickly. Even though restriking voltage is lasts for very...
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