HVDC – Advantage & Disadvantage

A scheme diagram of HVDC Transmission is shown below for ease in understanding the advantages and disadvantages.     Advantages of HVDC: There is a list of advantages of High Voltage DC Power Transmission, HVDC when compared with High Voltage AC Power Transmission, HVAC. They...
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What is Antifuse?

An Antifuse is an electrical device that performs the opposite function to a fuse. Whereas a fuse starts with a low resistance and is designed to permanently break an electrically conductive path when the current through the circuit exceeds a specified value while an Antifuse...
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HVDC Back to Back System

As we know that High voltage AC is used to transmit the electrical power for reducing the power transmission losses and because of the flexibility of AC System. In a transmission system different Grids are interconnected but some time it may happen that one or...
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