It is impossible to make a perfect / ideal circuit component which can have only one property. For example a Resistor do not have only resistance rather it have associated inductance and Capacitance too. Same is the case with Capacitor and Inductor. Therefore a circuit component have...
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DC Shunt Motor Charatersitics

Long Shunt and Short Shunt DC Compound Machine: In short shunt DC Compound Machine, shunt filed winding is connected across the Armature whereas in Long shunt connection it is connected across the line terminal. But there is no difference in operating characteristic in two types...
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DC Motor Starter

D. C Motor Starting: Why Starter Needed: Let Vt  = Terminal Voltage Ia = Armature Current ra = Armature Resistance Ea = Back emf = KaØWm At the time of starting, speed of motor is zero hence Wm = 0, therefore there will not be...
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